ExpressCrypto MicroWallet

ExpressCrypto is a new cryptocurrency micro wallet powered by ExpressGroup, designed to receive payouts from faucets. You can earn from different ways, we offer also exchanger where you can deposit and withdraw coins with super low fee.

1. Register an account on and confirm your email.

2. Link your addresses to receive your funds from Express Crypto.

You can have only 1 (one) Address/Coin and you could change it whenever you want.

3. Copy your ExpressCrypto Unique ID for faucets.

This is what you need to claim on faucets that pays to ExpressCrypto (you don’t have to insert your Unique ID)
Example Unique ID: EC-UserId-xxxxx.

4. How can I earn cryptocurrency here?

There many ways to earn cryptocurrency in Express Crypto by Fauceting, Gambling, Offerwalls and from participating in our chat room.

Note: You can generate a wallet address to deposit, but i do not recommend you to use ExpressCrypto as a Wallet. its not the purpose of ExpressCrypto (except if you are a faucet owner).

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